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About Us

Our Mission

  • To provide choice in energy generation source, primarily in the form of renewable or clean generating alternatives, at a total cost that is compelling to the off-taker and profitable to our stakeholders.
  • To provide diversity in supply chain choice to any business or institution seeking to purchase renewable energy from a qualified minority business.
  • To provide traditionally underserved institutions and communities control of their energy choices through access to clean, affordable, renewable energy.
  • To provide access to and promote investment in renewable energy related projects and technologies by and on behalf of minorities and other groups that may have otherwise had limited access to this investment asset class as a choice.

The Company

Level Field Energy LLC, is a minority-owned and operated, independent power producer that develops, finances, builds, owns, and operates power generating facilities, both directly and in conjunction with strategic partners.

We provide our energy consumers with a choice in power generation source and both our partners and off-takers with the ability to meet their renewable energy portfolio and supplier diversity commitments, cost effectively and efficiently.  Unlike other minority-owned, independent power producers, Level Field Energy’s proprietary Advantaged Financial Model and strategic partnerships uniquely positions us as the sole, minority-owned, independent power producer equipped to successfully implement energy projects from small distributed generation to large utility-scale projects.


Keith Bluford, Sr., Founding Partner

Mr. Bluford has more than 27 years of professional marketing and business development experience and more than three years experience in the solar industry.  He has successfully guided several firms from start-up to acquisition. Prior to Level Field Energy, he served founder and Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Sales of Sunora Energy Solutions, a solar EPC firm responsible for the implementation of more than 76 MW of solar projects from small distributed generation to large-scale utility projects. In addition to business development for Sunora’s EPC services, Mr. Bluford was responsible for creation and development of a new business unit and introduction of a new solar product.   Mr. Bluford has spearheaded and managed startup operations for several technology firms with vertical solutions spanning the energy, manufacturing, financial, medical and other industries. He has expertise in strategic business planning, partnership-relationship development and product positioning.  He has also guided companies through the process of pre-acquisition and business development to successful acquisition.  In addition, Mr. Bluford is experienced in post-acquisition operations. He has functional expertise in mobile marketing, social media, business intelligence, business process optimization and workflow, and financial, credit union and transaction-intensive industries. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from Oklahoma State University and is a seasoned speaker. He has received several major industry awards for his outstanding efforts in business.

John Plumlee, Founding Partner

Mr. Plumlee has more than 27 years of experience in the construction, maintenance and operations market for asset dependent companies globally. Prior to Level Field Energy, he served as founder and CEO of Sunora Energy Solutions, a solar EPC firm responsible for the implementation of more than 76 MW of solar projects from small distributed generation to large-scale utility projects.  Previously, he held the position of Vice President of US Operations and Maintenance at Jacobs Engineering Group and Chief of Operation for Shaw’s Maintenance and Construction Division. His experience also includes general management roles, consulting and entrepreneurial ventures spanning start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of businesses – including engineering, construction and maintenance services, consulting and technology. The industries served by these businesses have primarily included manufacturing in the refining, chemicals, power, discrete and high-tech verticals as well as public and private infrastructure. John is a professional engineer with hands-on project, program and business management experience as a manager, executive and entrepreneur working in and for major A/E firms, for niche service providers and directly for well-known owner/operators. He is an innovator and thought leader in the development and application of advanced technologies, new business models and streamlined processes for businesses engaged in engineering, construction, maintenance and operations. Mr. Plumlee holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana Tech.